Unisys – InfoImage

Unisys - InfoImage

Unisys has been a Paragon Systems partner for 15 years. Our relationship is bilateral. Unisys is a reseller of the PRobot technology and Paragon resells the Unisys InfoImage Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. InfoImage is the ECM solution for organizations looking to significantly improve business processes that are heavily dependent upon high volume of paper documents, documents generated from internet transactions, and other electronic documents that need to be accessed for automated and manual processes. InfoImage can easily capture, manage, store, and access any and all the content required for cases, inquiries and process-centric work, regardless of data structure or document origination, all with a single intuitive user interface.

Unisys InfoImage brings together ECM, imaging, workflow, document management, Web and integration technologies to form an integrated end-to-end solution.

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