Automated Correspondence Generator

Paragon’s document generator is another PRobot based product making it part of the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework family of capture solutions . It is a powerful tool for creating and regenerating accurate custom documents using Microsoft Word file templates. The integration and assimilation of data is based on rules and logic that are created with the PRobot Control Console. The document generator can access virtually any external data source in order to populate the file templates. At the end of the generation process the PRobot engine can export the completed forms to another source such as a printer, capture system, or data repository.

The document generation process uses an XML stream that specifies the templates, data, output formats, and export instructions for the documents being created. The PRobot engine then processes the XML stream then merges the data with the document templates without any additional user input.

The module minimizes data entry, improves customer service, reduces or eliminates the need for proof-reading, reduces the risks associated with human error, and has other financial savings due to decreased paper handling, document loading, storage, distribution, postage/shipping, faxes, telephone, labor and waste.