Cloud Computing

Many companies now offer cloud computing options, but have they been designed for the cloud? At Paragon we design our products to be cloud compliant. They can easily be deployed in the cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise environment.

We leverage a three-tiered architecture; database, application, and user interface. Each tier is independent of the other. We maintain architectural flexibility by enabling our customers to mix and match the tiers in order to construct the desired operating environment for our software.

Using the cloud to host applications offers quite a few advantages over the traditional model of hosting applications in-house or through a third party as an SAAS.

  • Reduce capital costs and spending on IT infrastructure. In a cloud environment there is no need to implement or maintain a physical infrastructure. It eliminates the need for hardware purchases and the costs associated with staffing for the maintenance of a physical IT environment,
  • Provides global access to information and applications. There is no need to localize applications on individual PCs. Employees can access the information and applications they need with just an internet connection,
  • Minimizes the costs associated with licensing software. Most of Paragon’s applications can be licensed on a subscription basis. This makes the costs associated with the introduction of new software applications extremely affordable,
  • The cloud allows a business to be flexible with their licensing requirements. You can expand or reduce the number of users and volumes as business increases or decreases. Many businesses have high and low volume periods. A cloud based pricing model can easily accommodate these fluctuations in business.

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