Paragon Systems is a software integration company. The company was founded over thirty years ago. Our focus is the technology of enterprise content management (ECM). Originally, our core business offering was building business solutions using a combination of third party applications and custom application development which over time evolved into our own set of ECM products. The Paragon product line is comprised of document capture and document management modules, all of which have extensive workflow capabilities. We continue to improve our existing products as well as develop new applications in order to meet the ever changing needs of businesses as they morph in response to new technology trends and information requirements.

Our open environment and lengthy employee tenure leads to a confluence of new ideas that equates to one thing, innovation and the ability to think outside the box. The experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over 3 decades guarantees a successful outcome to the implementation of a business solution. We have a mature solid methodology for developing and delivering our solutions and we use some of the industry’s leading tools to help us manage that effort.