EDI Processor

EDI Processor

EDI Import, Generation, and Export Tool

The EDI Import/Export Module from Paragon Systems is a flexible end to end solution for standardizing business document exchange. It is a PRobot application used for importing, transforming, mapping, and exporting electronic data streams and it is part of the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework.

EDI applications can be very complex and developing the exchange of information from one data model to another can be time consuming and expensive. The PRobot Control Console makes it easy for a company to define mappings between EDI vocabularies using the PRobot intuitive EDI configuration settings. It is intuitive and easy enough for business users yet powerful enough for developers. It can be used with virtually any application or database.

The following EDI conventions are supported;

ANSI X12, including HIPAA X12
HL7 (legacy and XML-based)