General Overview

Staying in business in the IT industry for over 30 years is not an easy endeavor. A company must not only be able to financially sustain itself and pull itself through the troughs that are part of regular economic cycles but also adapt to drastic changes in technology trends. One of the most important lessons we have learned at Paragon Systems is that you must always explore future trends and continuously evaluate your technology offerings as well as the processes associated with producing them and continuously strive to improve.

Paragon Systems maintains a disciplined approach to its development efforts. Our software engineering personnel use a set of frameworks in their development efforts. Using development frameworks is not new to Paragon, we adopted a development method that used our own framework over 20 years ago. We develop software using both Java and .Net programming languages and within each of those we have adopted development frameworks. Why? For three reasons; First, it avoids the time consuming costly effort of building individual software applications from the ground up every time a new initiative is started, and secondly, It helps avoid security vulnerabilities and holes. If security holes exist they are identified through a rigorous testing effort, fixed, and added back into the code base that is utilized from within the framework. And thirdly, it creates consistency across applications. User interfaces are similar and connectivity with databases and other systems is consistent making it easier to integrate the suite with different systems. These disciplines have made us leaders in the field of data capture software which includes scanning software, OCR software, and redaction software.