M-Files + Paragon Systems = Enterprise Document Security

M-Files, Corporation provides an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution that improves and simplifies how businesses manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, efficient and compliant.

Paragon Systems, Incorporated provides enterprise data capture and data transformation solutions. Paragon Systems utilizes traditional redaction and adaptive redaction processes in its DocuShield document redaction solution. Together, M-Files and Paragon are bringing to market a unique enterprise content management security solution.

M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML)

IML is a repository neutral approach to enterprise content management that unifies information across different sources based on context, not on the system or folder in which the information is stored.
IML allows an M-Files user to connect to multiple different external repositories in addition to the traditional M-Files document vaults. By means of special vault applications known as connectors, the user can browse and edit content residing in external sources within the M-Files user interface. IML has connectors for different data sources such as SalesForce, Filenet, OpenText, SharePoint, AWS, and many others.
IML provides automatic classification and metadata to your documents with the aid of so-called intelligence services that add a layer of artificial intelligence (AI) to M-Files. Intelligence services are vault applications that classify documents for you by determining the class of the document and suggesting metadata values by analyzing file content semantically and visually.

Paragon Systems’ DocuShield

DocuShield is a fully automated document redaction application. DocuShield provides an organization with the tools to redact any information contained within a data object (documents) utilizing conventional and adaptive redaction techniques. Our simple to use DocuShield Rules Editor allows anyone with security policy administrative rights to develop or edit custom rules that comply with the organization’s security and data loss prevention policies.

Paragon Systems and M-Files Partnership

Paragon Systems is an Authorized Reseller of the M-Files Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System, M-Files Partner. Paragon has tightly integrated the DocuShield application with the M-Files ECM application. Together as an M-Files Partner, we have created a unique solution that can automate a company’s data redaction process across all its content repositories.