PCapture – Document Capture

PCapture- Document

Paragon Systems’ document capture application, PCapture offers an end to end data capture solution that incorporates scanning software, OCR software, Redaction software, and the associated processes of data capture. It reduces the time intensive task of processing paper documents. We accomplish this through the use of automated processing procedures that are managed by our PRobot technology. These user defined procedures drive the data capture work process. The work process can be as simple as scan and release or as complex as scan, barcode read, OCR, advanced form processing, and database lookup. No matter what the need big or small PCapture is flexible enough to handle any paper processing requirement. The PCapture application is extremely scalable. It is robust enough to be used as a central mailroom capture solution yet flexible enough to handle a small office.

PScan Remote is a remote document capture application that easily integrates with most scanners and multi-function products (MFPs). This remote document scanning and capture application makes it possible to deliver the documents to a central processing point where the documents can undergo additional processing to complete the capture workflow cycle. The documents and associated metadata can then be exported to a designated directory, document repository, or additional capture platform. The export target can be local to a designated storage device or remotely to another site or even the cloud.

Paragon Systems’ remote document capture software PRemote provides the user the ability to scan or photograph documents and then deliver them via mobile devices such as Android, Apple iOS devices, and Microsoft OS devices. Mobile scanners can be used to scan the documents or a mobile device can be used to photograph them. The documents can then be saved to a storage device, emailed, faxed, or archived. The module can be configured to store locally at the remote location for scheduled batch transfer to a central processing site or the documents can automatically be transferred to a central location at the time they are scanned or photographed.

Scanning paper documents is just one step needed to assimilate paper documents into an automated business process. Effectively gleaning and parsing the data elements that are necessary to flow and search for a document once it is in a business process is even more critical. Therefore, when a company is choosing a capture system, the majority of consideration should be given to the ability of the system to perform accurate optical character recognition (OCR) and forms processing.