Software Support

Paragon Systems’ support is conducted by Paragon trained ECM personnel. Support services are performed over the telephone as well as with remote support software. Our global presence gives us the ability to offer our customers Monday through Friday 5 x 24 support. This standard support can be extended to include weekends by requesting off hour support 2 weeks prior to the required coverage period.

Paragon’s Customer Support is the primary mechanism for problem identification, tracking and resolution. The purpose of Paragon support personnel is to initiate problem identification, work towards resolving the problem as soon as possible, and if needed, escalate the problem to the proper engineering team. Problem status is tracked by the Customer Support system until a resolution or “work around” is found. The customers that are enrolled in Paragon’s Customer Support program can login into the customer portal and track their problems on line.

Support services include problem diagnosis, resolution, tracking, and on line assistance. It also includes the shipment of periodic documentation, software updates and enhancements, and error corrections. Problem resolution and escalation depends on the priority level of the problem, which is assigned after the problem has been identified.