PRobot – Data Capture Workflow Automation Engine

PRobot - Data Capture
Workflow Automation Engine


Paragon Systems’ PRobot technology is the next generation in document capture. The application is an open framework for developing document capture solutions not just a set of capture products. Paragon’s unique approach to information capture provides businesses with the ability to capture and process different types of information they receive through one single intuitive, easy to use interface, the “PRobot Control Console”. Whether it’s fax capture, email capture, paper capture and scanning, or any type of electronic document capture it can all be processed and monitored through the PRobot Control Console. Paragon has developed standard PRobot modules for the import and export of various information types, such as; fax, email, electronic data streams (EDI), print streams, and general data records. The modules are developed as a dll plugin. A customer can purchase a standard module from Paragon, have Paragon develop a custom module for them, or develop the module themselves.

PRobot is a multi-threaded, web service based, thin client application with true automated workflow capabilities. What this means is that the PRobot server can support multiple PRobot modules simultaneously. A business can capture and process all their scanned documents, faxes, emails, EDI streams and other information imports and exports all on one licensed server and perform various workflow processes that are created within the various capture processes. The PRobot Control Console allows an administrator to pre-program the rules and process for a work-item once it enters the capture process. These automated processes can contain database lookups, data mapping instructions, document format transitions, OCR text extraction, document normalization, and many other automated processes

A business is no longer faced with the complicated task of maintaining individual disjointed applications in order to complete their capture import/export processes with the PRobot application.

Standard PRobot modules

Email Processor

The Email Processing Robot has been designed to retrieve emails from one or more email in-boxes and automatically process them. This module is a compliant PRobot module is that it is supported by the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework. The module can handle extremely high volumes of incoming emails. The application can support iMAP and POP3 email conventions and can accommodate mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, AOL , and others.

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Fax Processor

The Paragon Systems’ Fax Processing Module is a standard PRobot product offering and is part of the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework. It automates the processing of incoming fax transmissions. The module utilizes the Paragon PRobot technology to process and import fax documents and associated index values directly into a variety of front end capture and back end document management systems.

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EDI Processor

The EDI Import/Export Module from Paragon Systems is a flexible end to end solution for standardizing business document exchange. It is a PRobot application used for importing, transforming, mapping, and exporting electronic data streams and it is part of the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework.

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Import Export Processor

Getting information on a reliable basis, in a timely manner, and in the right format makes a big difference when serving customers and making the right decisions. Paragon’s Import/Export processor provides the tools and facility for making this happen.

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Automated Correspondence Generator

Paragon’s document generator is another PRobot based product making it part of the PRobot Enterprise Capture Framework family of capture solutions . It is a powerful tool for creating and regenerating accurate custom documents using Microsoft Word file templates.

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