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DocuShield Redaction Software

Paragon Systems DocuShield document Redaction software, is a comprehensive, efficient affordable redaction software application for PII information. The theft of PII information or other sensitive information is more prevalent than ever before. Paragon Systems’ DocuShield redaction software addresses the concerns that businesses have for protecting their client and customer PII information.
Document redactionDocuShield
DocuShield can be configured to automatically identify a specific document and then programmatically find and redact sensitive information. It all sounds easy enough but behind the scenes there is a lot to be considered. First, a company receives documents in various formats. Some of these documents can be identified and processed without any conversion at all, they are textual. But, other documents are bitmap or encrypted and in order to redact these documents they must first be converted into a textual format. This requires an accurate OCR engine. Paragon’s DocuShield OCR process is fast and accurate when transforming non-textual documents into a document format that can be read and redacted.

The DocuShield redaction application easily integrates with third party document management systems such as Vertafore ImageRight redaction, Unisys InfoImage redaction, Kofax Ascent, and others.


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