Conversion Services

Business conditions constantly change. Sometimes these changes require a company to evaluate and replace their content management systems. Business acquisitions and mergers sometimes require that two different content management systems be standardized with one common platform. Conversion from one document/content management and workflow system to another can be a very complicated and time consuming task.

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Professional Services

At Paragon we realize that there is not one single approach that can always be used when providing an IT solution for a business need. Some IT services companies might use an agile methodology while others might prefer a waterfall approach. We believe that the use of either method or a hybrid of both methods can be effective in a software development initiative. What method is used depends on the influence of various factors that contribute to the ultimate success of any development effort. Our thirty plus years of experience has created an intuitive ability for us to identify and assess these factors when choosing a methodology that will yield a successful result.

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Software Support

Paragon Systems’ support is conducted by Paragon trained ECM personnel. Support services are performed over the telephone as well as with remote support software. Our global presence gives us the ability to offer our customers Monday through Friday 5 x 24 support. This standard support can be extended to include weekends by requesting off hour support 2 weeks prior to the required coverage period.

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