Conversion Services

Business conditions constantly change. Sometimes these changes require a company to evaluate and replace their content management systems. Business acquisitions and mergers sometimes require that two different content management systems be standardized with one common platform. Conversion from one document/content management and workflow system to another can be a very complicated and time consuming task.

Paragon Systems has successfully completed many system conversions using its PRobot technology to automate the process. Some of these conversions have required data transference across different operating systems. Paragon has a systematic approach to a system conversion. We analyze the document and data structure thoroughly and then we evaluate workflow processes in every detail to ensure that none of the business logic is lost in migrating to a new workflow system. Paragon will provide a detailed conversion plan that outlines the time and resources that will be required.

Paragon Systems uses its PRobot technology to perform data transfer, data validation, data formatting, and data reconciliation. PRobot has been designed to run multiple instances in order to accomplish a full system conversion in the shortest time possible. During the entire conversion process, the goal is to minimize the system downtime and avoid any interruption to normal business operations. Contingency plans are developed to roll back any conversion efforts and restore the system to its original state should the need arise. Paragon Systems’ PRobot application generates detailed logs and reports that can be used to evaluate and reconcile the results of the conversion.