WebDesk – Document Repository Bridge

WebDesk - Document
Repository Bridge

One of the major limitations of today’s content management tools and document management systems is their stand-alone nature. Paragon Systems presents WebDesk, a software solution for consolidating information from multiple back-end systems into a single desktop view utilizing thin client technology. The Paragon WebDesk is a user interface with image viewing and image manipulation capabilities that integrates with most document management systems.

The application accesses and presents images from static repositories as well as information that is in workflow processes. A single query can be used to perform a global search and retrieves documents from disparate document management systems such as Unisys InfoImage, FileNET Panagon, EMC ApplicationXtender – Documentum, i-Vault, IBM MQSeries, etc. and then present them in one unified viewer. The WebDesk UI allows the user to select the item or items they want to view and the viewer will launch and display the selected items on the WebDesk client desktop.

Cost Savings and Process Advantages:

  • Single common interface that can span multiple departments with modular replacement of back-end system connectors.
  • Workflow integration with thin client technology allows for distribution of the work process without consideration of geographic location of point of process.
  • Unified login for all back-end system connections.
  • Eliminate costly training issues associated with multiple desktop applications.


  • Data-driven using XML passed through XSLT stylesheets for separation of the presentation from the code layer, allowing for customization of the user interface.
  • J2EE based, supports Java Servlet API 2.2 compliant application servers/Java servlet engines, for example, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Jakarta Tomcat, and others.
  • Modular approach allows many types of back-end systems to be connected.
  • Administrative functions accessible through the same client browser connection (security controlled).
  • Pluggable security, based on the JAAS industry standard to allow for integration with existing security mechanisms.
  • Viewer independent.

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