Client Testimonials

Rahul Ganorkar IT Director, Professionals Division

“About eight years ago we made a decision to consider a change with our document management platform. We evaluated the Paragon ParaImage document management and PRobot applications and found that not only were they a very cost effective solution but their functionality met and exceeded our technical requirements. I was very impressed with the design considerations that Paragon made when developing these products. Our business processes tend to be complex and some of our practices are inconsistent across lines of business so we needed a solution that was flexible and full featured enough to accommodate these business processes. I am able to address the changing needs of our business with configuration changes and not programming changes. The products are open which allows them to be integrated very easily with our other systems and we can change our environment without having to make changes to the Paragon ParaImage and PRobot applications.”

“From the very beginning of our working relationship with Paragon Systems we have been impressed with their staff. When we were initially contacted by their sales people they were both professional and knowledgeable and they were able to ask the right questions, define the available options, and help us define the right solutions for our needs. This was the case during development as well. Requirements gathering can be a very time consuming painful process, but it was right on with Paragon.”

“Paragon’s support team is great. They respond to our support needs in a timely manner and they are knowledgeable. It has always been easy to escalate an issue if it was an emergency. Whether we reported a support issue through email or the online support portal both methods worked great.”

Arthur Law Sr. Project Manager – CRTNI -Auto Club Group

In meeting compliance standards for scrubbing Credit Card (PCI) and Personal Identifying Information (PII) we searched for a redaction solution that would interact with our Imaging system and process our stored archive of images. Part of our requirement was to redact PCI and PII information contained in our stored documents (approx. 20M) and handle daily volumes with minimal impact on operational performance. The documents are stored in a .tif format and required conversion to a different format prior to redaction. We needed the quality of the images to be maintained throughout the process so no loss of readability would occur. (Not an easy task….). It took several months of searching until we found Paragon. They had the product we were looking for, the (DocuShield) redaction software and the programming services that allowed the flexibility for customizations we needed. During the initial phase of the project Paragon was instrumental in architecting a solution that would function in our environment. Their staff has been professional and exceedingly responsive to our needs. Because of the volume of documents we needed to process, we were anticipating a long term effort to complete the scrubbing of our historical archive – Paragon has been with us every step of the way. I feel we have a partner in Paragon and would highly recommend a look at their products and services to fulfill your needs.