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Paragon Systems, Inc. is an information capture software development and systems integration company. Paragon Systems, Inc. has been in operation since 1985. At the inception our document capture solution offering was comprised of a combination of Paragon Professional Services (Services), third party applications, and custom application development. Over time this lead to the development of our own set of document capture products (Software). Paragon still maintains key third party/vendor relationships (Partners), this enables us to offer our customers the best enterprise information capture solutions for their needs. Paragon Systems IncParagon Systems, IncParagon systems

At Paragon Systems, we offer information capture solutions for virtually any data type. Our document capture software suite consists of three flagship products; PRobot – data capture workflow automation software, PCapture – document capture and OCR software which includes the DocuShield – data security redaction software product.

PRobot is a data import/export application that can acquire information in the form of documents (faxes, emails, data streams, etc.) and transform the data into the desired format for export into another system, such as, a back end content management or data capture system. PCapture is a complete end to end data capture solution that incorporates a highly accurate OCR engine. The DocuShield redaction software product is a data security module that protects a company’s customers’ PII from being viewed or accessed by unauthorized entities. PRemote is a mobile document capture application for remote document capture. It is capable of remote scanning documents wherever you are even if you do not have internet access. The application allows authorized users to remotely scan documents, enter corresponding index data, and to send the documents to a designated location via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) or Web-service in real time or on demand. All Paragon products perform separate automation tasks, but they seamlessly integrate to form one of the most powerful data capture solutions on the market.

Paragon systems, Inc

Cloud Computing

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Mobile Computing

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